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Tech Firms Lynx and DISA Tackle Monitoring of Abandoned Uranium Mines

May 11, 2021

DENVER, May 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With over 15,000 abandoned uranium mines (AUMs) posing environmental and health threats to western states and native lands, two technology companies have partnered to find a permanent solution for monitoring and cleaning up these sites.

Wyoming-based DISA, which offers sustainable technology solutions for minerals processing and remediation applications, and Denver-based Lynx Global Intelligence, an innovative platform that provides real-time data on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks, have created a partnership to address AUMs.

AUMs have bedeviled regulators and land management agencies for decades. Mostly, the historical approach to these mines has been to crudely seal them off or to dispose of the waste off-site. But DISA and Lynx technology provide a better, safer way forward.

“We’re very excited about the prospect of bringing DISA and Lynx technology to bear on this long-running problem,” says DISA CEO Greyson Buckingham. “Understanding the risk and status of AUMs is the first step toward a permanent solution.”

DISA is focused on helping stakeholders become leaders in sustainability when processing minerals or treating waste. DISA’s patented liberation technology treats a variety of material including uranium and vanadium, making their process ideal for cleaning up AUMs.

Given the scope of the problem posted by AUMs, DISA needs to map, track and monitor AUMs. DISA, through its participation in the Mining Solutions Bootcamp (sponsored by Newmont Corp., Mountain Studies Institute and Telluride Venture Accelerator), developed a partnership with Lynx Global Intelligence.

“DISA reached out to Lynx for help tackling the AUM problem because our mapping platform is able to provide a uniquely comprehensive picture of complex ESG problems,” said Trevor Jones, Lynx’s CEO.

Lynx’s ESG platform allows users to see real-time information about ESG risks through mapping and data dashboards. Abandoned mines pose a threat to human health and need to be monitored.

Lynx and DISA seek to solve these same issues domestically. Among the 15,000 AUMs in the Western United States, over 500 AUMs are on Navajo Nation land. These sites can contaminate water, air, wildlife and infrastructure.

“Remediating AUMs on Navajo Nation land also means restoring social justice to the Diné (Navajo People). I am proud to partner with Lynx and DISA on this effort,” states Jeremiah Bitsui, Founder of Bitco Corporation, a Navajo owned business working on AUM remediation efforts.

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