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Disa Labs - Economic & Efficient Testing Services for  the Mineral & Environmental Industries

Started in 2018, Disa Technologies was established with the goal of increasing recoveries, improving grades, and reducing costs in the minerals and reclamation spaces via its patented High-Pressure Slurry Ablation (HPSA) technology. The HPSA process has successfully been used to process a wide variety of materials ranging from hydrocarbons to uranium, iron and rare earth element ores to graphite, molybdenum and phosphates, and the company continues to pursue new opportunities. Disa Technologies was excited to be advancing into these sectors of the industry but was quickly confronted with the undesirable (and sometimes unpredictable) pricing and turnaround times for portions of testing campaigns that Disa had no control over.

Consistent and reliable sample preparation and subsequent test work are the foundations for exemplary commercial scale operations, and thus, Disa Labs was born to meet those needs. The Casper, WY facility is equipped with a variety of crushing equipment to cater to a wide range of project specifications, large drying ovens, small-scale milling equipment, dedicated areas allocated to pressure filtering, screening, and particle size distribution analysis, in-house XRF, and we have partnered with trusted industry members in analytical testing and mineral processing to provide the best comprehensive services possible. Your priorities are taken seriously as if they were our own from scope of work creation to the final reporting, and our coordinated team efforts save clients’ valuable time required throughout multifaceted scopes of work.

We understand the difficulties associated with the current collection of overloaded labs and offer our services as an alleviation to those concerns. We are excited about the testing capabilities we currently offer and plan to continue enhancing our offering to meet our clients’ and industry’s needs in testing and R&D.

We are Disa Labs, and we’re abundantly grateful for this opportunity to serve you and your team any way we can. Visit us at to learn more.

Disa Labs Capabilities
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